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Fire Hydrant Flow Testing - Protocol for Flushing Water Service Lines

On Thursday, January 21, 2021, Wynne Water Utilities (WWU) and the Wynne Fire Department will be flow testing a total of thirteen (13) fire hydrants across the city. This activity is likely to cause water discoloration due to the breaking up of sediment (i.e. iron and manganese) inside of the water main piping. While WWU will be flushing our water mains following this activity to limit the amount of sediment traveling through the distribution system, it is likely that some water discoloration may be visible inside of private water service lines throughout the city. While the presence of this sediment is not harmful, it will be aesthetically unpleasing. If this water discoloration is observed within your residence or place of business, please follow the referenced flushing protocol immediately:

1. Contact a WWU representative and inform them what is going on at your residence. If it is after hours, please use the water on-call number posted on our website. 

2. If you are using hot water when you notice the discoloration, stop water use immediately and move to step 3. 

3. Go to a bathroom located the furthest away from your water meter and turn your bathtub's COLD faucet all the way open. Run your water 10-15 minutes or until the water turns clear. It is very important NOT to turn on the hot water until all your lines are clear, otherwise you will pull the discolored water into your hot water tank and have to drain the entire tank and refill once the incoming cold water is clear. 

4. Once the lines are clear, contact a WWU representative and we will run an analysis on your water meter to determine the amount of bill credit you will receive based upon the water flushed during that time period. 

If you have any further questions, please contact WWU during normal business hours.